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"Kudos to Wouter. The man who ensures that I always train. Even when it rains. Even when I don't feel like it. And also when he completely finishes me off. My abdominal muscles are grateful to you. And so am I!"


"After my pregnancy, I found it difficult to get fit again. I had little desire to exercise and didn't really know how to start again. 1-on-1 training gave me the push I needed and I have now been training with Wouter and his team for about 13 weeks. I feel much stronger and exercising has finally become fun again! The training is varied and challenging, I am very satisfied."


"I am very satisfied. I am now in my fourth week of training and I already notice a difference! The training sessions are fun, varied (walking, muscle exercises, boxing, swimming, etc.) and of course also heavy (if you have not exercised for over 10 years). I'm glad that Wouter can really motivate you! Highly recommended!"

Willem Jan

After almost 20 sessions I can only say that Wouter is a very good personal trainer. He offers a varied and well thought-out program, motivates in the right way (without drilling), gives advice and all in a nice and clean space.


No woolly stories, just a blast!

I am very satisfied with the results and his working method and will certainly continue with him!

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