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personal training Amsterdam

Wouter van Ommen

My name is Wouter van Ommen (1979) and I am a trained sports instructor and psychomotor therapist. I used to play first division and premier league handball and therefor I know what it’s like to work with your own body intensively.


After studying at the CIOS, ALO, and following a course to become a psychomotor therapist (helping people to deal with disorders), I gained a lot of experience in sports and psychiatry. I keep on following the latest developments and have specialized in the Optimum Performance Training-model of de NASM which enables me to offer my clients an even more specific work-out.


The typical world of fitness never really attracted me; way too commercial and not enough personal attention for the clients. I believe one-on-one training is a more effective way to help you reach your goals. That’s why in the spring of 2013 I opened my own private sport studio in the centre of Amsterdam and became a fulltime personal trainer.


For me it is not only about working out, but also about balancing a healthy body and mind. We can achieve this by taking the time to determine the goal you want to reach. This can be anything: losing kilo’s, getting in shape, or creating an extra incentive to work out. My professional experience also enables me to help with issues like eating disorders or stress.


I enjoy aiming for a goal together with my clients. It is satisfying to see the changes people go through and to see how they gain trust in their own body and possibilities. Every person/body is different and requires a different approach, that is my challenge!


“Make it happen”

personal training Amsterdam

Jermaine Pierau

My name is Jermaine Pierau (1974). I’ve been working as a freelance personal trainer at ‘Personal Trainer Wouter’ since the spring of 2016. I always had a passion for working out and sports. I practiced several sports in the past, for instance football and martial arts. I’ve also kickboxed competitively for over 10 years.


I love to share the knowledge I gained with practicing martial arts and fitness with others. For over 10 years I’ve been teaching (kick)boxing at several gyms (Sport City and Club Sportive). I also completed several courses: Les Mills Bodypump instructor, FitVak Fitness trainer A en Movement & Balance instructor (MBT). I’ve been working as a personal trainer for four years.


What I like most about personal training is the interaction with clients. Being able to use my knowledge and experience to help them with their challenges is a great feeling. I am very goal oriented and enjoy working with motivated clients. My knowledge and perseverance ensure that we can climb the highest mountains together.


“Just do it”

personal training Amsterdam

Lampis Oikonomou

My name is Lampis Oikonomou and I’m living and working in Amsterdam for quite a while but originally I’m from Greece.

For more than a year I work as a Personal and Group Trainer.

I have always been passionate about sports since I was a kid. I have tried all kinds of sports, such as swimming, tae-kwon-do, football and handball. My love for sports led me to University where I did my 4-year Bachelor’s studies in Sport Science. Next year, I am planning on continuing my Master’s in Human Movement Science with specialisation in Health and Rehabilitation.

For the past 6 years I have been working in different functions — from Strength and Conditioning coach and Performance analyst in Teams, to Personal Training. The past year, I have been focusing on getting more experience in Personal/ Group training, working with people of different ages and goals and giving HIIT classes.

I am looking forward to working with you all and I am happy to be a part of the team.

"Make it happen"

personal training Amsterdam

Jan Knijn

My name is Jan Knijn, and I am a passionate and energetic person. Connecting with people gives me a tremendous amount of energy, and I find satisfaction in supporting others to bring out the best in themselves.


Previously, I had an office job as an account manager, but I realized that sitting still behind a screen was not fulfilling. On the other hand, interacting with clients brought me a lot of satisfaction and joy. This led me to completely change my life, pursue training as a personal trainer, and go on a six-month journey to reset myself entirely. During this unforgettable journey, I deeply enjoyed nature and my passion for climbing, hiking, kitesurfing, and running.


Returning with a newfound energy, I embarked on my new adventure as a Personal Trainer. Since then, I have gained a lot of experience at various gyms; in addition to personal training, I also lead group classes, boot camps, and provide nutrition coaching.


Sport is an essential part of my life, offering not only physical strength but also a mental boost. Now, my mission is to let you experience this amazing journey too.

“Keep moving”

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