I have had almost 20 sessions and must say that Wouter is an excellent personal trainer. He offers a varied and well thought out programme, motivates in just the right way (without being too hard), and gives solid advice. All of this in a very nice and clean studio.

No vague stories, just do it!

I am very happy with his method and results and will definitely continue working with him!


I’ve been training with Wouter since April and I’m very happy with him. The work outs are always a bit different, very effective, and I enjoy taking it a step further every time.

I was kind of desperate when I first met Wouter after several failed attempts to lose weight. Thanks to him I work out and pay attention to food in a way that I can keep up for the rest of my life. He offers great support, also mentally, and I have learnt a lot.

We’re making it happen 😉


I am very satisfied. I’m in my fourth week of training and can already notice a difference! The work-outs are fun, diverse (running, muscle exercise, boxing, swimming, etc) and challenging (especially if you haven’t worked out for 10 years). Wouter is a real motivator, which is great! Would definitely recommend!


Wouters’ work-outs make me super happy. I used to suffer severe back pains but since I’ve started working on this with Wouter I haven’t had any pain. Wouters’ work-outs are challenging, diverse, and often take place outside, which is really good. Thanks Wouter!


Wouter is a very enthusiastic trainer, I can highly recommend him! The work outs are diverse, motivating, and he makes me work hard every time. He really pays attention to the needs of his clients and seriously focusses on making them reach their goals. Excellent.

Also important: plenty of laughs!


I have been suffering lower back problems for years, probably due to weak abs and back muscles. I asked Wouter to help me to work out and focus on these problems. Wouter made a 3-month workout schedule. I chose this type of training because I know I will never cancel if someone is waiting for me! Also we train outside, which is much more pleasant than a sweaty gym. We haven’t been training long enough to cure my back problems, but I really enjoy the active and regular work-outs.


Bravo to Wouter! The man who makes sure I never miss a training, even when it’s raining, even when I don’t want to and even though he really finishes me off, my abs are grateful and so am I!


I couldn’t be happier with Wouter. Together we achieved every goal that I have set. He has a kind and friendly way of working which is also very motivational. For anyone who wants health and fitness to be a fun part of their life, Wouter is highly recommended. I can’t wait for my next training!


I was overweight which made me lack the motivation to work out and be active. It was really difficult to start working out again after doing nothing such a long time, so I decided to get help from a personal trainer. After some research I found Wouters’ website and contacted him, I don’t regret it!

Wouter is very enthusiastic and energetic, creates a diverse work out and motivates you to give everything. The work outs go by really quickly and afterwards I feel great. Every week that passes my condition improves, my energy level rises, and I want to work out even more. The good thing is that every work out is different, this way it stays fun. If you are looking for a challenge and a push in the right direction, Wouter is your man! With him you reach more than you ever deemed possible. He pushes your boundaries and really coaches you along the way.


It is fun to work out with Wouter any time of day, inside or outside, in his private studio or in the park. But also outside of our work outs he supports me in my sports, sometimes even accompanying me at a running competition. Wouter is not only a personal trainer, he is also a very social person. He has an approachable and open personality and is always there to listen, something I gladly make use of during work-outs. In short: Wouter is an enthusiastic, approachable, sporty and driven trainer and I happily go to see him every week.