There are different training options at Personal Trainer Wouter.
Look at the overview below to see which option suits you best.

Personal Training

Lesson Package

  • 10 lessons 650 euro incl. tax (65,00 euro per lesson)
  • 20 lessons 1250 euro incl. tax (62,50 euro per lesson)
  • 30 lessons 1800 euro incl. tax (60,00 euro per lesson)

Small Group Training

Prices per training session

  • 2 persons small group: 35 euro p.p.
  • 3 persons small group: 25 euro p.p

The first trial lesson is free of charge.
Please note: Work outs are scheduled for a minimum of 12 weeks. It is impossible to gain measurable results before completing 12 weeks of training.



In order to lose weight you should know that unfortunately the ratio between diet and sports is 70/30. So it is very important that you pay attention to a healthy balance between food and exercise. If desired, we can help you reach this healthy balance. During a 3-month period we will offer different exercises and online coaching that will help you to gain insight into your own eating patterns.

Costs: 150 euro