Kasper Berkhout

My name is Kasper Berkhout (1989) and I’ve been working at Personal Trainer Wouter since the end of 2017. Originally, I am from the South of Holland, Roermond, but I have left the South behind and started a new challenge in Amsterdam. I’ve been a personal trainer since 2016 and have achieved many goals together with my clients, from losing weight to running a marathon and from building muscle to dealing with several physical conditions.

As manager of a fitness centre in Roermond I gained wide experience. My responsibilities were training interns – NASM, FITVAK!, AALO etc – and teaching lessons like CrossFit, HIIT, circuit and spinning. However my interests always lay more on the side of personal training as making a plan together with my client and reaching goals together really satisfies me.

Of course everybody needs a personalized scheme, a universal approach that works for everyone doesn’t exist. That is why I would like to make a customized plan together with you to make sure you reach your goals!

“Make It Happen”